In a dynamic market with lots of opportunities, as well as the risks we believe in adhering to discipline and taking people as development goals will create sustainability:

  • Research, analyze and evaluate to expand the network of high quality products and services across the country to meet the needs and bring satisfaction to customers.
  • Increase the number of 5-7 branch systems / year.
  • Providing customer care with attractive, practical content, ensuring benefits and increasing benefits for customers.
  • Building and implementing community-based charity programs, environmental protection programs ...
  • Building a professional and dynamic multidisciplinary TM Group

Choose the right industry

We compete only in areas that can bring large scale with strong growth opportunities. At the same time, we must see the success of the same business model in regional countries.

We have identified F&B and technology as our key areas.

Strict strategy and effective implementation

When investing in an industry, we develop a unique strategy and models that can be replicated to reach the market leader in each business area. This allows us to constantly invest in the best operating platforms.

Prudent capital allocation and strict capital structure

We have made a careful allocation of capital by using the majority of the proceeds to invest and increase the ownership ratio in the company's existing businesses.

TM Group believes that their businesses and their iconic brands will create broad "paths" that will allow the company to penetrate deeper into the industries it aims at.

Trusted partner

We build selective partnerships with reputable companies across the country, have the ability to test and validate business strategies, have information on opportunities and advantages to access capital.