· Prevent cases of begging, lottery tickets, motorbike taxiing, and charitable donations within the Shop's scope.

· Prohibit cases of gathering street vendors inside the shop's premises.

· Maintain general hygiene, do not litter indiscriminately in the area in front of the Store.

· Collaborate with store staff to prevent individuals from using stimulants or personal belongings such as weapons, explosives, flammables, toxic substances and then report to the Store Manager / Board of Management The company's direction is clear.

· At the end of working hours, in conjunction with the store staff, conduct an inspection of the entire store to ensure all electrical equipment and lighting systems are turned off before the store staff and security guards

lock the door.

· Working in the Central Region of Ho Chi Minh City, Bien Hoa


· Always keep the attitude cheerful, polite with staff and customers, serious manner. Enthusiastic support for employees and customers of the Store when needed.

· Absolutely not receive money from customers in any form.

· Absolutely no smoking; don't drink alcohol; Do not use stimulants during business hours.

· Do not dye your hair colorful, do not wear earrings, do not tattoo causing customers disrespect

· No infectious diseases, no criminal record, good health and ability to complete tasks.


· Enjoy other regimes according to the law

· Participate in social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance

· Professional training, reporting

· Wage agreement