Company introduction:
Established in 2014, with the goal of providing customers and partners with the best products and services, TM group is proud to bring services in different areas but not lose the core value. mine:

In 2014, we developed a Coffee & Fastfood system specializing in providing clean - quality - 100% organic products with the TM Coffee Site coffee chain, to better suit the needs and tastes of consumers, to date TM. Group decided to convert coffee chain into Ozzy Coffee.

At the same time, we develop the luxury business of wine, cigar and technology fields to develop and distribute high quality software products to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Our mission

“Our mission is to become a business company, developing services for the leading F&B industry in Vietnam. Best serve customers in the market the company has. ”

Our philosophy

Customers are the basic value of any business, the only reason for businesses to survive and grow. The "You are our future" policy guides the company's operations.

We listen, analyze and understand the needs of each customer and apply our experience, skills and thinking to optimally address those needs, helping business owners focus on their business activities. His core business. Every customer is a brick building on the value of the company.

Our team

With many years of experience in many fields: We find the right and professional management and staff to help your products reach the market quickly. , the most effective and the most professional.

TM Coffee Site - "Our Future Is You"

1. TM Coffee Site
TM Coffee Site system brings healthy products, selected from the stage of harvesting, processing and mixing with a light, luxurious space to bring a new and comfortable feeling to customers.

2, Luxury TM
TM Luxury is an integral brand of TM Group. Luxury TM was born with the same mind - the spirit towards knowledge & prosperity.

3, TM Technology
With the desire to optimize the life of the community with technology solutions, aiming to become an indispensable product for daily necessities, TM Technology constantly researches and develops promises for The products and services are most suitable, most convenient, best support for community life.